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Feb 9, 2013 9:15pm EST
short. if you criticize the pashtuns, the taliban will come after you. i want ask abdul, do you have protection if you say something that the taliban does not like? because we know karzai's brother was a big man in afghanistan and anytime someone criticized, that person never sees the day of life again. afghanis are good people, but the reality of freedom of press to me is like a joke. you cannot have freedom of press in afghanistan. afghanistan is based on tribe. -- based on tribes. host: can you hang on the line while we get an answer and then come back to you? guest: i think what john is saying is really not the reality of afghanistan. i would put it this way. i don't know if he can get the kind of subscription we have in afghanistan. you can go to my facebook, twitter, and also to my blog and see what i am doing. how i as a reporter, in a normal citizen, a journalist, criticize the government, criticized karzai, criticized -- the way people are somehow creating the problems, it does not mean what they are pashtuns or -- anyone, criticizing just coming and killing people and
Feb 10, 2013 12:10am EST
taliban. are not having publication inside afghanistan on. they are able and a broadening program system, it is done a lot. there claims to be from the taliban and then some of the provinces often -- this is not a permanent a radio station. the caliban spokesperson, they are having access to a number of telephones of journalists. they are sending voice messages. they're having journalists it there are and the activities from them. >> to get their side up. >> to say what they think about an issue. >> to independent and jealous. >> to many journalists across the country. what is needed for american troops, for example, before bowell from afghanistan, let's focus more, and more, and the more of the freedom of expression. it is very important to read one without a lash could drive a village people from one place to another place. from the demonstrators, with up to 40 armed one of the results of free media and the free press's is this. let's focus before the withdrawal. >> i have one question. i was and afghanistan. i witnessed poverty which is tremendous. also the danger from the afgh
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2